From Dreams To Reality

I started programming at 10 years old. I have been publicist since 2003 and a Digital Agency Team Leader since 2006. I love to play with the balance between Innovation and Branding. I love to communicating and translating IT to Marketeers and evangelize and convert Technocrats to the User perception side. As a husband and father, I love to play videogames with my wife and daughter, Cook and Bake for them on weekends. As a human being, I embrace anything that pushes the equality and integration. I consider myself as a secular humanist, an skeptic and a atheist.


Where are you in The Digital Transformation Process?

In order to talk about Digital transformation I need to say that it is only the final stage of something bigger called Digital Literacy. The 3 stages of Digital Literacy There are 3 stages that concern Digital Literacy: Digital Competence, Digital Usage and, the one we are more interested in, Digital Transformation. It is true that these three stages concern Digital Literacy… Read more →


Subiendo viejos proyectos a github

Hace 4 años hice un pequeño ejemplo de Detección de Movimiento con ActionScript 3. Y aunque flash ya murió hace mucho (Aunque otros opinen lo contrario) hay personas que siguen haciendo comentarios respecto al experimiento y preguntando por el código, así que lo busqué entre mis discos de respaldo viejos y helo aquí, lo subí a mi cuenta de github.… Read more →